$10,000 COOK-OFF #2: Must See Genius Food Hacks - Best Gallium VS Target Hack Wins Challenge

Learn how to make 3 iconic dishes in this genius cook-off featuring a must see gallium vs liquid metal cooking hack challenge, Target hacks, and so much more. Plus, the best cook wins $10,000! Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself pancake art challenge where one brother had to buy whatever the other happened to draw like a Best Buy epic game controller and Apple Beats by Dre. Today they’ll try to make delicious burgers, amazing tacos, and tasty pizzas using a watermelon BBQ grill, Lamborghini engine, Walmart curling iron, Amazon paper shredder, and more! You’ll never believe what they can create without normal kitchen items! And don't worry, they didn't eat all of this food by themselves; they shared it all with their friends and family. It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and fun life hack tutorial compilation series.



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Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
• Papa Johns dough
• Kroger Flour
• Chicken
• Liquid mirror
• Safety goggles
• Cheese
• Pepperoni
• Amazon Hair crimper
• Onion
Sushi Taco
• Coffee
• Bell pepper
• Pineapple fruit
• Orange juice
• Clorox wipes
• Honey
• Pork meat
• Pam
Glad bags
• Star Wars light saber
• Vegetables
• Edible flowers
• Tomato
• Walmart electric fly swatter
• Garlic
• McDonalds bun
• Beef
• Bacon
Back to school pencil sharpener

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